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Community Engagement and Participation
Community Voice ensures that everyone is heard!

CivicPlus' Community Voice Module allows all members of your Council community to submit their ideas via Council's website.

Topics such as improvements and changes to the community, feedback on the Community Plan, the annual budget or simply a forum to capture thoughts and ideas can be easily created using Community Voice.

Other members of the community can vote, much like Facebook, by liking or disliking ideas. Comments can be made and a true reflection of community sentiment can be gauged. Council has the ability to moderate content and automated detection is available to remove profanity or inappropriate comments.

All part of the CivicPlus suite
Community Voice

Community Voice is included in your complete Local Government website providing:

  • Forums that can be linked with specific activities such as On Exhibition. Committees or Feedback forums
  • Can be self regulated or language and topics can be moderated by Council
  • Users can register and be stored in your Name and Address module within your Local Government system
  • Facebook credentials can be used for registration
  • Easy to use and intuitive for first time users