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Strategic Consulting
e-Planning Readiness Workshop

What is e-Planning and how to prepare your systems and processes to get ready?

Approx. 2 days (8 – 10 attendees)

This workshop is aimed at your Senior Executive Team and for those members of staff who will be directly involved with the e-Planning implementation. The workshop will step through the e-Planning framework, terminology, process change issues and contributing factors, such as national protocols, that make an implementation of this nature a success.

At the conclusion of the workshop, you and your team will have a clear understanding of how to implement a total e-Planning strategy.

Business Process Review

A comprehensive review of your current processes and systems and how to adapt them to successfully introduce e-Planning 

Approx. 10 - 15 days

The business process review works with the functional areas of your business to workshop, plan and document your e-Planning implementation strategy. Working with planners, planning administration, technical, front counter and management, the review focuses on the typical scenarios experienced when introducing new systems. 

Identification of security concerns, privacy and legislation requirements, change management issues and integration of technology is all covered as part of the process. 

Needs Analysis for Management Reporting

Making the most out of your e-Planning implementation

Approx. 2 days (Senior Management Team and direct reports)

Working through the complex management reporting requirements needed as part of any technology implementation is a very intricate and often overlooked task.

This reporting workshop will use existing scenarios and use cases to demonstrate examples of what can be achieved as part of the e-Planning implementation. State Government reporting templates, internal statistics and general reporting needs are covered in workshop.

Additional workshops

We also conduct workshops on the following:

- Maintenance and Support Services for 3rd party applications (e-Planning)

- Integration Services and Technical Assistance for eDAIS conformance

- Integration Services for Local Government Solutions for State Government Reporting

For more info, contact the ICON Team today on 07 5580 9095