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With over 20 years experience, we understand the terminology, processes, systems and the data being used to process applications and permits. The technology we create is specific to the needs of Statutory and Strategic planning teams.

An average of 70% of applications received by Councils across Australia and New Zealand are poorly made with Councils recognising this as the number one cause for delays. These delays affect the applicant, the Council, the community and the economy.  

Imagine if you could streamline processes using simple technology and eradicate the issues that clog up the system? 

With ICON's PlanningXchange you can!

“Once we implemented TRACK from ICON, planning enquiries over the phone have dropped by over 50% allowing the planning team to focus on processing applications rather than answering simple queries. The service offers the community the convenience of being able to access information on the progress of an application as and when it suits not just when Council’s customer service centre is open.”
Albury City Council, NSW

The PlanningXchange suite of modules, TRACKREPORTPLANASSESSLODGE and CERTIFICATE, is designed to work with the current State and Local planning systems and keeps the applicant firmly in mind. Every step of the planning process can be accessed through the Internet offering transparency, community participation and a better understanding of the system.

PlanningXchange is an easy to implement solution that fits within Council's budget process. 

For information about PlanningXchange click here 

For a demonstration or for more information, give ICON a call today on 07 5580 9095